Estimates *

Prerequisites *

Estimates require a list of products and related features and options. You must create the product list first.  Also, before creating an estimate you should first create as many Sales Reps as necessary.

NOTE: There is a configuration setting in the Setup Wizard to specify to have the estimates page pop out of the form. This would be useful for users that have a smaller screen

The List *

The estimates menu presents a list of existing estimates and a menu button for creating a new estimate. Estimates are organized by the Sales Rep and status.

To view an estimate, click on the estimate in the list.

Create a New Estimate *

To create an estimate, click on the menu button and choose New. The nest estimate number will automatically be assigned best sequential number within the with the Sales Rep’s initials as the prefix.

Create Areas – Locations etc. *

The estimate may be organized into areas or locations as desired. The nomenclature for this term is configurable in the Setup Wizard preferences.

To create a new area or location, select the job level of the estimate and right-click to present a menu and choose Add Area. Note that the menu nomenclature will follow your customization for the area terms. You may create as many areas as desired and each area may have as many as three additional sub areas. For example:

  • Job 1234 Westfield
    • First Floor
      • Lobby
        • Reception Desk
          • Countertop

Customer/Job Information *

Estimate # – displays the assigned estimate number which includes a prefix based on the Sales Rep’s initials.

Revision – always begins at “0” for a new estimate. Clicking the […] button will create copy of the current estimate and set the revision to the next sequential value. The original estimate is retained.

Status – The drop down list for estimate status may be customized using the Setup Wizard, These are the default types:names.

  • In Process: None
  • In Process: In Process
  • Submitted: Submitted
  • Won: Awarded
  • Lost: CLosed
  • Lost: Not Awarded
  • Lost: Cancelled
  • In Process: On Hold
General Fields *

Order Date, Required Date are optional date fields

Sales Rep – Set to the desired sale rep. Note that changing the sales rep assignment will change the Estimate # to conform with the sales rep numbering sequence.

Contact 1 and Contact 2 – these optional fields are customizable and may be used to for contact information to be displayed on a custom report. For example, you may customize the captions by double-clicking on the caption and entering a new text value. Then click on the […] button to enter the contact information. For example, set the Contact 1 to “Designer” and Contact 2 to “Builder”.

Customer Fields *

Set the customer to an existing customer by selecting from the customer drop-down selector. If the estimate is for a new customer, click over to the Time & Payroll Tab and create the new customer, then click back to choose the customer from the list.

Contact *

There may be multiple contacts associated with the selected customer. Select the desired contact from the drop-down list.

Tax Rate *

You may select or enter a tax rate applicable to this customer job

Price Level *

If applicable you may choose a price level from the drop-down selector. The price level adjust the prices for the entire estimate. To create a new price level click on the […] button.

Job Information *

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