What is a Company Holiday? *

Company holidays are specified dates that the company is not normally scheduled to work, and may qualify for employee holiday pay.

How do I create a company holiday? *

To create a new Company Holiday, select from the menu Employees>Holidays.  Click New and type the name of the new holiday schedule, click OK. The newly created holiday schedule will appear in the Holiday Schedule Name drop down list.

In the Current Year Holidays section type the name of the Holiday, select the holiday date using the date control, and click Add. The holiday will then be added to the Company Holiday Schedule.

To update a company holiday:

The holiday date may be updated by selecting the holiday from the list, then setting the new date as desired. Click Update to save the change.

To delete a company holiday:

Select the holiday to be deleted by clicking the name of the holiday with the mouse. Then click

on the Delete button.

 Video Tutorial: How to create a Holiday *