Job Center

What is the Job Center? *

The Job Center is a consolidation of related job information designed to provide quick access to the major aspects of any given job. TracManager Users can access the Job Center from the Job Cost & Analysis tab by selecting from the menu Jobs/Customers>Job Center. The Job Center provides access to five tabs: Job Budget, Job Progress, Job Labor Charges, Job Material Charges, and Job POs.

The Job Center presents a list of jobs which may be filtered by All, Open, or Closed. A find function allows a TracManger User to locate a job by typing in a portion of the Job Number or Job Description. To find the job by number check the Job Number checkbox. To find the job by description check the Job Description checkbox. Select the Job from the Job List.

Job Budget Tab:

The job budget displays a budget summary for the selected job. The Budget Summary also includes an itemized list of labor and material budgets for the job.

The budget summary includes a breakdown of overhead and a profit summary. The overhead breakdown is comprised of a general G&A overhead and as many activity class overhead entries as referenced by the labor content of the detailed labor budget.

Job Progress Tab:

The Job Progress tab provides information based upon the labor budget. It compares the Activity labor hours recorded and charged to the budgeted hours and considers updated ETC (Estimated Time to Completion) hours in the calculations.


Job Labor Charges Tab:

The Job Labor Charges tab lists all Activities recorded towards a Job and the number of total hours as well as a breakdown by Activity.

Job Material Charges Tab:

The Job Material Charges tab provides a detailed summary of all material charges and Journal Invoices for the selected Job, with filters for refining how data is displayed.


Job POs Tab:

The Job P.O.s tab allows user to view all Purchase Orders related to a specific Job. These may be filtered to view only Open P.O.s or P.O.s with Back Order quantities.


How do I create a job budget? *

There are multiple ways to create a job budget including:

  • Manual entry
  • Importing from a special link such as TracLink for Cabinet Vision
  • Importing from a spreadsheet
  • Loading a previously saved template
  • Loading from the actual history of a different job
  • Loading from the actual history of the selected job

How do I manually build a job budget? *

To add labor or materials to the job budget click on the Add button and choose the type of item to add to the budget.  A dialog form will appear allowing you to choose the desired item. Edit quantities directly on the budget form.

How do I save a job budget as a template? *

To create a template from from an existing budget select the lines to be saved by dragging the mouse across the rows. Then right-click on the grid and choose Save as Template. Set the template name and click OK. The template will now be available for “loading” on any job budget.

How to I load a budget template? *

To load a previously saved budget template click on the Menu button, choose Open then Load Template. Select the desired template and click OK

How do I loading a budget from another job’s actual history? *

To create a job budget from another job’s actual history click on the Menu button down-arrow and choose Open then Load Actual History (Different Job).

How do I import a budget from a spreadsheet? *

To Import from a spreadsheet click on the Menu button down-arrow and choose Import From Spreadsheet. A Windows browser is presented. Browse to the spreadsheet containing the desired budget information. The Import Job Budget form is presented. Select the spreadsheet “Sheet” and all other pertinent choices. Your choices will be saved for use the next time you import from a spreadsheet. NOTE – Contact Tractivity support for technical assistance if required.