Trouble Shooting – iTrac

Trouble-Shooting iTrac Set-up Issues * *

New iTrac+ APP crashes when password entered *

The iTrac+ APP requires an update to the web service.

On the server that hosts the iTrac IIS web service:

  1. Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Tractivity\iTracWeb
  2. Rename the Bin folder to Old Bin
  3. Download this file. Unzip and save the Bin folder to C:\Program Files (x86)\Tractivity\iTracWeb (same location)
IMPORTANT! – After the new Bin folder is saved you MUST:
  1.  Open the folder and right-click on the file(s). Check properties
  2. If Security has locked the file – Unlock it.

That is all that is needed.

Initial setup – HTTP Error 500 *

Check that the application pool user permissions are correct

Initial setup – HTTP Error 503 * *
  1. Is the web site running?
  2. Is the Application pool running?
  3. Is the Application pool assigned to .NET 2.0.50727?
  4. Is the Application Pool enabled for 32-Bit?
Initial setup – HTTP Error 404.17 *
  1. Check that NET 3.5 is installed
Initial setup – Not able to obtain a valid login response * *
  1. Are the Application Settings properly configured for the database?
  2. Does the database (Access) have the required permissions set?
  3. Are you using valid credentials for the employee login and password?
Initial setup – Able to access from local host but get Web Exception from a wireless device * *
  1. Is the Firewall open for the port that you are using?
  2. Is the address of the wireless device “local” or using a DNS?
    1. If you are using the public IP for the host address from a wireless access point you will not be able to connect.
    2. If using a cellular device with a local host address verify that the wireless is turned on
    3. If you are using a public host address with a cellular device within your wireless network, verify that the wireless is turned off
  3. Has the host computer IP address changed? The host IP address should be set to static to avoid changes when  the system is rebooted.

Trouble-Shooting iTrac Operating Issues *

Was working but after power failure or server reboot ALL iTrac users get a web exception error * *
  1. Check that the server running the iTrac IIS service has a static IP. If the IP address changed the router will not be pointing to the correct address and iTrac users will not find the web service
  2. Check that the Internet modem has not changed the public IP. It is recommended to use a static Internet IP address or a DNS service such as which will update the IP address every few minutes
iTrac users gets a web exception error *

Verify that the Host Address is properly configured with the correct port and local path.

Normal settings would be:

  • Host Address: (this is specific to your company)
  • Port: 7373
  • Local Path:  /Service.asmx

** Anti-virus software may be blocking the port.  Set an exception in the AV software to allow port 7373

Cellular capable device

A cellular capable device will have the ability to connect to a wireless network if present or the cellular network.

1.  If using a public IP Host address turn the wireless access off so that the device will connect to the public network and be able to find the Host address

2. If using a private IP address (i.e.  be sure that the wireless connection is turned on so that the device connects to the private network and not the public network

Wireless device

Wireless devices have direct access to the local network.

1. You must use a private Host Address (unless the router is programmed to redirect the public IP to the local network)

If devices must work in the local wireless network and the public cellular network you will need a DNS service.

iTrac User is Unable to Log In * *
  1. Check that the user name and password are correctly set in the pcTrac/iTrac user configuration click here for help
  2. The IIS Application settings are not pointing to the correct database. Click here for help on setting the IIS Application Settings
  3. If an Access database, the database must be local to the IIS service computer
  4. If an Access database the database folder permissions must include IUSR and NETWORK SERVICES accounts see this for more information
iTrac Users Not Seeing Jobs or Activities on their iTrac lists * *
  1. Jobs and activities that are downloaded to the iTrac device based upon the users work group Help List. Verify that the employee record associated with the iTrac user is assigned to the correct work group
  2.  Verify that the jobs and activities are in located in the users work group help list.
iTrac User not showing up on the Current Employee Activity Screen * *
  1. Verify that the iTrac user operating with access to the Internet or wireless access point?
  2. Is the iTrac user’s device log text red? This indicates that the device is not able to access the web service either because it is not connected to a network or the web service is not running or properly configured. If this problem is common to all iTrac users the issue is likely related to the Internet IP address change, server IP address change or the server is not running or has been taken offline.